Monday, September 12, 2005

Peoria High School Fifty Year Reunion of Class of 1955

Here they are in all their glory--The Peoria High School Class of 1955 in the year 2005. In a day when "classic" status is attached to anything that lasts more than a month, it is refreshing to know that some things can really go golden. My wife spent a marvelous two days reliving old stories and hearing many new ones. I was the fifth wheel so to speak, but fully enjoyed the event as well. The meals were great, the people were delightful, and it was fun to learn little things that I had not known about my spouse of 46 years. She will return the favor next week when we travel to Milwaukee to celebrate my fiftieth at Casmir Pulaski High School. No oysters on the half shell there. Kielbasa on toast and plenty of beer I would guess.

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