Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Beloit College Honors Eudora Shepherd

Eaton Chapel on the Beloit College campus where the gala concert in honor of Ms. Shepherd took place.

Ms. Shepherd conducts a choral piece she wrote in the 1980's.

My wife lends her voice to the many alums who returned to sing.

Here some old 1959ers share a story or two during the choir rehearsal.

Professor Emeritus Karl Balson, a colleague of Ms. Shepherd for many years, and one of my own favorite undergraduate professors introduced the program.

Ms. Shepherd receives her accolades from Jim and Marjorie Sanger. Mr. Sanger is the current chair of the Beloit College Board of Trustees and he and his wife underwrote the celebration.

It's off to the reception in a hall where all the walls are decorated with intriguing sculptures constructed from the old carved molds from iron castings.

The ice piano was a hit.

Some alums from the fifties enjoy a pleasant reunion.

Eudora Shepherd has taught voice and music at Beloit College for fifty years. This past weekend over one hundred of her past students gathered to pay tribute to her. At a concert in the Eaton Chapel on Saturday afternoon a number of soloists performed a varied program of operatic, musical comedy, and art songs in her honor. For the finale Ms. Shepherd took the podium to conduct a choir of her former students in a performance of an anthem of her own composition.

After the concert a reception was held at a fascinating art museum in the former Beloit Iron Works building. The food and decor was perfect and we made some pleasant re-connections with a number of former staff members (including Dave Mason and his wife) and a small group of 1959 classmates.

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