Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Traveling to Arizona the hard way.

There is nothing like getting round to covering a few Arizona highlights from this past year before it is actually next year.  We left for sunny AZ from Peoria on Feb. 12th.  It was to be a quick direct three hour flight.  What is wrong with this picture?  Only a few things.  After a smooth check-in we boarded the plane only a few minutes late.  A slight additional delay our pilot said, "For de-icing."  With the spraying completed out trusty pilot came on again to announce that he had some disconcerting warning lights on the hydraulic systems.  Back to the gate we went to see if a mechanic could be found. Hmmmmmm.  Looks like a more serious problem. "Sorry folks", said our pilot, "we are going to have to deplane."  Back in the terminal we were finally informed that the problem could not be fixed.  The only solution was to fly in another plane.  Oh yes, it would have to come to Peoria from Las Vegas. Our 8:00 PM departure would be delayed a bit. Actually more than a bit.  Just after midnight three of us potential passengers celebrated our birthdays in the Peoria airport.  The only good thing about it was we were also enjoying pizza provided by Allegiant Airlines. 

It was marvelous actually as they rolled the pies in on the wheelchairs normally used for disabled travelers.

About 2:30 AM the plane arrived from Las Vegas and we managed to roll out of the gate around 3:20 AM with our pilot announcing pleasantly that we were first in line for takeoff.  By 3:30 AM we were airborne and three hours later  (6:30 AM) we set down in Mesa at 6:30 AM.  Our stewardess, who somehow had managed to keep her sense of humor through it all, announced "Welcome to Mesa, the time is, oh what the hell. Who cares what time it is. We are here!"  Luckily the car rental agency had already re-opened and so we were able to collect our car and head for Sue Van Kirk's house and some well deserved shuteye.  Needless to say Sunday was a bit abbreviated and just a tad foggy.  Still it was great to be there and to stroll out in our shirtsleeves early Sunday evening and get into our neat little red car.

And celebrate with  a truly delicious dinner at the Bella Italia restaurant.   

More of our adventures in the next few days. And maybe even some Southwestern cuisine.

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