Monday, March 04, 2013

Sunday Drive to Tubac AZ

If you are looking for a Sunday drive out of Tucson AZ, nothing could be more pleasant than a visit to Tubac. It's a little over an hour's drive south of Tucson on Interstate 19. 
 The pleasure is enhanced when you can visit during the annual Tubac Festival of the Arts. The permanent galleries and shops remain open, but the streets also explode with  at least a  hundred colorful booths filled with additional  South Western crafts, ceramics, paintings, and sculptures.
If you need a lift there's always a Wells Fargo Wagon.

And you can be piggy because there's plenty of health food available. 

Do not fear, we actually settled for some nice sandwiches on crusty bread at a different emporium.
The local art museum was open and featured fine Western work.  There was also a display of Mata Ortiz pottery that was accompanied by a young Mexican potter who talked about her work and demonsrated the application of the intricate  decoration that gives Mata Ortiz ware its signature look. 

Yes, each design is done freehand with a tiny brush barely a few hairs thick.

Back out on the street my cousin and her husband shopped for some new patio furniture for their house.

And I relaxed with some of the local residents.

It was all told a marvelous outing.


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