Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday Stroll Sabino Canyon

It was a gorgeous sunny morning and our Sabino Canyon walk took us along the Bear Canyon trail to the first crossing of Sabino Creek.  The majestic Saguaros are everywhere.

We were joined along the way by one of the ubiquitous roadrunners.

It is still early in the spring out here and the brittlebush is one of the first to flower.

Lots of other diggers are starting to make new homes.
We'll keep an eye on this old nest and see if it will be occupied again.


At the Sabino Creek bridge the water level is back to fairly low again, but it does gurgle pleasantly.

It has enough force to manufacture some fascinating foam patterns.

And some neat little bubbles.

 Our fair lady in the woods beckoned me on to show me an evening primrose that she discovered. And it wasn't even evening.



 Back we trudged to the parking lot.

Much later the day finished with a colorful display of mountains and clouds.

Thanks for reading this. I don't post as much as I used to, but do hope you do enjoy.

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