Friday, February 18, 2005

A Return to My Roots

What is there to say as one travels to the Watertown/Johnson Creek area? Unfortunately, as usual for those in my age bracket, it is for a funeral rather than fun. We had last visited the Ebenezer Church and its hilltop cemetery for my father's burial. Now it was my cousin Ronnie who was laid to rest amonst all the Kopps, Rabbachs, Klauchs, and Wiesemans. It was a cold cloudy day made chillier by a snow squall that kicked up just as the military honor guard was finishing its duty. After Ronnie's service I walked back into the older part of the cemetery to see my parent's and grandparent's graves. Just as I got there the sun snuck out from behind the gray clouds and we had a few bright moments before the overcast moved in again. My cousin Patsy had placed some colorful flowers on our mutual grandparent's grave and on my mom and dad's. A loving thank you to her.

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