Friday, May 22, 2015

The Goodman Theatre's "The Little Foxes" is a True Classic

You may have wondered what happened to me.  Or maybe not.  I had been a pretty faithful blogger for some time and then time stood still.  On our return this summer from Europe I was ready to start chronicling our Longboat Journey on the Danube and our return to Helsinki. At least a 1000 photos were ready to illustrate the trip.  We had just returned from our trip when my wife's yearly mammogram returned with some suspicious spots.  Within a week she was under the knife and shortly thereafter our oncologist laid out the required treatment package that included six doses of chemotherapy administered at three week intervals.  Then she gets a month to recuperate before six more weeks of radiation. Needless to say our trip and my photos have receded into the background.

We are now fast approaching the 4th of the six chemos and it may be time to start stirring the pudding again for as my title quote says, "Life moves only forward never back" 

So without further ado we take you to the Peoria, IL Airport where we began our long flight to Budapest via Helsinki on June