Sunday, September 05, 2010

Monmouth College's Cultural Fair is another winner this year

It was a sunny crisp Labor Day Saturday in our town and the place to be at noon was in front of the student center at Monmouth College where the yearly Cultural Affair was taking place. 

The food from all over the world was laid out in a long serving line and on the stage some glorious dancers from the Mexican Folkloric Dance Company of Chicago were putting on a show that kept your hands clapping and your eyes popping with every colorful costume change.  

The adults were highly skilled and energetic, but

the youngsters stole the show as they stomped and twirled their way into everyone's hearts. 

 Holding everything together was a helpful narration that put the dances into historical and geographical context.  Most impressive was the note that all these talented folks are volunteers and willingly take the time to rehearse three times a week.  

Thank you to everyone at the college who worked to organize and present this event.   For lots more pictures go to my Flickr page.