Monday, April 17, 2017

A Little Walk on an Easter Afternoon in Monmouth

I suddenly realize that it has been almost a month since I have posted on my blog. What is it that fires up the neurons to document one place and not another?  Probably that Arizona still seems a bit exotic and home seems not so.  Home is so familiar that the notice becomes subliminal.  This is unfortunate because even in the familiar there are things worth documenting and looking at and remembering.

For a start let's take a thirty minute walk around a few blocks in our home town of Monmouth and just look at what I pointed the camera at.  It is spring and tulip time.  Multi, purple, red, and yellow.

Tiny little wild flowers and violets, each one smaller than a dime, seem to be peppering all the lawns.

Saw a woodpecker and heard him, but he didn't stay put long enough for me to capture him at work.
Just this guy fat and sassy checking up on things.

Every yard seemed to have at least one bloom.


Or a flowering tree

Little oddities abound from books to mail.

And watched over by kind little gnomes.

Oops!  Back to reality. 

Happy Easter 2017!