Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finishing Touches on the House

It has taken a lot longer than we thought.  The weather did not cooperate, our painters had a variety of equipment problems (when the lift doesn't start it doesn't lift),  caulking and nailing was a major undertaking, and it's a bloody big house.  But our intrepid crew proved to be its master and we are now seeing the finished product.  It glistens with a touch of gloss and the lighter blue without quite so much grey gives it an airier and merrier look.  We are going to enjoy it for a long time to come.

And here's the guys who made it all possible!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

And Then There was OFTA

Join us for OFTA on Wed. July 14th at 10 AM at the Buchanan Center for the Arts on the square in downtown Monmouth. We will be celebrating the accomplishments of area amateur photographers who have won prizes in this year’s 29th Security Savings Photography Contest.

Our special guest will be the contest judge, Mr. Michael Godsil. Michael has been active in photography and journalism for many years. He once studied with Ansel Adams in a summer workshop. He has been teaching Photography at Knox College since 2005 and specializes in landscapes and nature scenes in his own work. He has recently had a solo exhibition at Earlham College in Indiana and his work has been seen in several galleries in the Galesburg area.

And of course all entrants and winners in the contest are invited to comment on and answer questions about their work during our hour of discussion.

The Security Savings Bank Photography Exhibition will be on display in the BCA gallery from July 10-August 7. The grand opening is from 1-3 on Saturday, July 10th.

See you there, I hope.