Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Congrats to our grandson!

1995 was not a great year in our family history.  Thanksgiving was celebrated with my heart attack and triple by-pass surgery.  Then in December our first grandson  was born with a condition that deprived him of some critical oxygen at a crucial moment. It left him with a learning disability that has needed special efforts from him, his mother, and the school systems he attended.  I am pleased to announce that I am still going strong in 2014 and that our grandson TJ has graduated from high school and will enter a collegiate Fire Science program this fall. 

The rocky start that kept him in neo-natal intensive care is nowhere evident now. He has outstripped Jim and Jan in the size category by at least a foot.  Must be something in the Iowa water.  

Both sets of grandparents gathered with TJ's parents, his brother, and their dog Max for this picture just before setting off for his commencement ceremony.


     We salute him!