Friday, February 18, 2005

A Return to My Roots

What is there to say as one travels to the Watertown/Johnson Creek area? Unfortunately, as usual for those in my age bracket, it is for a funeral rather than fun. We had last visited the Ebenezer Church and its hilltop cemetery for my father's burial. Now it was my cousin Ronnie who was laid to rest amonst all the Kopps, Rabbachs, Klauchs, and Wiesemans. It was a cold cloudy day made chillier by a snow squall that kicked up just as the military honor guard was finishing its duty. After Ronnie's service I walked back into the older part of the cemetery to see my parent's and grandparent's graves. Just as I got there the sun snuck out from behind the gray clouds and we had a few bright moments before the overcast moved in again. My cousin Patsy had placed some colorful flowers on our mutual grandparent's grave and on my mom and dad's. A loving thank you to her.

Ebenezer Moravian Church from the Cemetery Posted by Hello

Honor Guard for Ronnie Kopp Posted by Hello

Folding his flag as the snow sifts down

Honor for the veteran Posted by Hello

My Parent's and Grandparent's grave Posted by Hello

My parent's grave Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Back to Galesburg again

The Knox-Galesburg Symphony Trio played Sat. evening at Kresge Recital Hall on the the Knox campus. The program featuring a Dworak and Schumann seemed a bit leaden and heavy. The evening could have used some lighter more lyrical mood breakup. Not their best outing.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Landmark and Coffee

A pleasant dinner at the Landmark was ended with an even more pleasant coffee and dessert at Inn Keepers. A folk singer duo was entertaining. He was nasal strident and more than a tad annoying; she was mellow, cool, and soothing.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

London Theatre Information

See what you are missing if you do not have a copy of London Theatre Walks 2nd edition. Just dial up
all the info is right there.

More of the old crew Posted by Hello

Danica, Netti, Matt, Kelli, Vicki Posted by Hello

"He's the one officer!  Posted by Hello

Mr. and Mrs. Fotis the happy couple Posted by Hello

Tammy, Doug, and Kyle all smiles Posted by Hello

A Weekend with the old grads

The Fotis wedding turned into a marvelous reunion. With three faculty members and their wives and a large contingent of former students in attendance, a good time was had by all.

Wally had a good time too! Posted by Hello

Tom had a good time Posted by Hello

Doc had a good time Posted by Hello

MC Mafia at Fotis wedding Posted by Hello