Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's London again

I may have to stop turning on CNN when I come down to make the coffee in the morning. My first image today came from a hovering helicopter high over the east end. There was the spire of the church of St. Leonard Shoreditch floating by to focus in on a red bus parked in the Hackney Road. Having lived quite near to Tavistock Square, the site of the bus explosion two weeks ago, I was jolted again by another familiar site. St. Leonard's is the endpoint of Walk No. 8 in my book of London Theatre History Walks. It has a magnificent spire 192 feet high that can be seen from quite a distance. In the old church on this site several major actors and playwrights of Shakespeare's time were buried, including the great theatre owner James Burbage and the great actor Richard Burbage. We are most thankful that this latest rash of violence has not been as vicious as the last one.

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