Sunday, July 24, 2005

Monmouth Melts

Hades might be cooler than the midwest this weekend. The so called heat index hit 110 here today. Other than to get a paper, it has been an indoor scene. We ventured out last night to see the Coffee Bean Theatre's production of Ken Ludwig's Moon over Buffalo. It was done in our old downtown movie house. Coffee Bean is primarily populated with Galesburg people and they give it the old energetic community theatre try. There is plenty of mugging, and tons of shouting, falling down, and slamming doors. The show doesn't have near the charm of Lend Me a Tenor with a good deal of the humor depending on not so politically correct laghter at falling down drunks and deaf old ladies. But the energy is there and live theatre beats a movie or video hands down. At ten bucks it was a pleasant evening.

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