Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Town and Country Art Show opens at BCA

What a marvelous profusion of talent! What an eyepopping display of art by the young students of Warren County Illinois! Just take a look at a sampling of the over 700 individual drawings, paintings, photos, and sculptures that now cover the walls of the Buchanan Center for the Arts in Monmouth from floor to ceiling.

The work is exciting in itself, but the way in which the viewers of the show respond to the work is even more satisfying. Young and old walk around the gallery with smiles on their faces as they point and "ooh and ahh" at the various items. The littler ones particularly seem to glow with pride as they show their parents or grandparents their own art work on display in a real art gallery for everyone to see.

Gathering the most attention on opening afternoon was the collection of snowman or should we say snowpeople sculptures. Everyone seemed to stop, stare, and often chuckle at the varied and imaginative twists that each young artist gave to this most simple form.

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