Monday, August 04, 2008

Things I Would Like to hear from a Politician!

"I made a mistake."
"I have actually changed my mind or my behavior since 1965 or 75 or 85 or 95 and that is a good thing not a bad thing--it's called learning."
"That's a good idea even if it comes from my opponent."
"Not all earmarks are bad. Legislators do actually campaign on providing services for constituents."
"You (not the other guy) are going to have to make some sacrifices or adjustments in your behavior or life style."
"It seems logical that those who make more money should pay more taxes."
"All families should be given the same opportunity to spend their way out of deficits as the government has taken. Each one of your creditors should give you an immediate rebate of 20% of your total debt"

When asked any of the following questions to respond with "I will make no comment as by answering your question, I will simply continue to fuel a discussion about an issue that is not relevent to the real issues in the campaign?"

Are you a racist?
Have you played the race card?
Has your opponent played the race card?
Does your experience or lack thereof make you any better than your opponent?
Are you too young to govern effectively?
Are you too old to govern effectively?
Are you a Muslim?
Is your last commercial negative?
Do you accept responsibility for and agree with everything any human being who has commented about you, has ever said or done?
Have you stopped beating your wife?

Phrases to be eliminated from use in political campaigns.
"I am outraged."
"My opponent should know better."

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