Thursday, June 11, 2009

Martha Giles Enchants the OFTA Audience

Almost seventy people turned up at the Buchanan Center for the Arts on Wed. June 10th for monthly OFTA(Old Friends Talk Art) program. Martha Giles, a talented performer on the Hammered Dulcimer, captivated young and old alike with her music and historical comment. She was able to get the audience to accompany some of her numbers by passing out various rhythm instruments. She was also adept at demonstrating how different sound textures could be produced by using varying kinds of sticks or mallets.

Even the very young had a chance to try out their technique.

Since Ms. Giles grew up in Monmouth and graduated from Monmouth College in 1977, there were many old friends in the audience. Among her former teachers present was her first music teacher Mrs. Harold Pedigo--some ninety years young and still going strong.

For more background on the artist including information on how to order one of her CD's go to her web site:

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