Monday, September 21, 2009

Goodbye to "Doc" Kieft

Sometimes there is just nothing to do but grieve. A colleague, golfing buddy, traveling companion, and friend (Dick "Doc" Kieft) has just passed away. He is third from the left in the rear in this photo that was taken as we waited for the airport bus to O'Hare and our flight to London in 1999.
Dick never married and Monmouth College, its teachers, its administrators, and especially its students became his family. They turned out in force for his funeral service last Saturday and many of us gathered later at Cerars' Barnstormer, a restaurant here in town that Dick frequented regularly, to talk about the good times we all spent with him. It was a propitious place to gather as Dick loved a good meal. His eulogist had brought some smiles to several faces when he noted during the service that "Doc" never met a menu he didn't like.
Goodbye old friend and thanks for the memories.

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