Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Wallace Challenge Ends in Defeat for Team Monmouth

Team Monmouth (Bill Wallace and Jim De Young) traveled to St. Louis last weekend to engage in the internationally renown Wallace Challenge. Their opponents were Mike Flood and John Holtschlag of Team St. Louis.

Team Mommouth arrived at the Flood Motel (pictured below) on Friday afternoon.

The pool was a bit shy of Olympic dimensions, but the dip was refreshing after a long hot drive.

Dinner was headlined by grilled rib eyes and corn on the cob cooked to perfection by Mr. Flood. The boys from Monmouth then retired early to train for Saturday's opening round.

The morning dawned sunny and cool. The challengers were made to feel right at home in the breakfast room..

Out at the course Team St. Louis looked confident. (And with good reason.)

Team Monmouth also looked confident, but unfortunately Wallace's thumb was a bit too optimistic.

The Monmouthians started out strong and even took a point on Saturday, but fell behind in the individual score matches on Sunday. And thus the treasured WC (Wallace Challenge) cup remained in the hands of the dynamic Missouri duo until next spring's re-match.

That contest will be played on the challenger's home turf in Monmouth and De Young predicted a stunning re-capture of the coveted WC cup at that time. As he said when interviewed on the Golf Channel last night, "We can take it because we can cheat better at Gibson Woods where the trees offer more cover."

To turn serious for a moment. It was a glorious weekend. Mr. Mike Flood was the host with the most. We were put up in style and fed like kings. Mike is also a treasure chest of St. Louis history. He loves his home town and is a remarkable salesmen for it.

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