Friday, December 17, 2010

Charleston Planatations

Any visitor to the Charleston, SC area finds that visiting some of the old plantations that surround the city is de rigeur.  Our choices were Boone Hall and Middleton Place.  Both are steeped in history and have great natural beauty.

Boone Hall's original 18th century plantation house is long gone so the current mansion (built on the old site in 1936)  has to make do for the upper crust ambiance. But the signature sight at Boone Hall is the row of original slave cabins set off to the side of the main house.  These were the residences of the people who made the plantation function and they are outfitted with exhibits that provide a full history of the life of a slave as well as the development of the Civil Rights struggle in our country.

While the house, the fields, and the oak lined drive exude beauty, the emotional power lies in that little street of  humble cabins.   Enjoy these shots and see some more on my FlickR page for Boone Hall.

Oak lined drive leading to the main house

Boone Hall

Slave Cabins

Slave Cabin interior

Our second plantation visit was to Middleton Place about 15 miles northwest of Charleston.  It features hundreds of acres of immaculately landscaped gardens plus a part of the old house that dates from 1755.  Also featured here are working exhibits of the 18th and 19th century skills that were performed by the slaves. Our early morning visit produced some lovely photos.

Entrance to gardens

vie down to the river

One of the many ponds
Cypress Garden

Wild life abounds

Our guide for Middleton House was full of life and color
  See some more by clicking here.

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