Thursday, December 16, 2010

Historic Charleston SC Has Architecture and a Glorious Harbor.

Our first visit to Charleston was a plus all the way. We had a good three day deal on a motel and the weather in the late fall was ideal according to several locals we talked to--not hot and not muggy. Armed with a finely detailed walking tour of the historic districts, we let our feet hit the street for almost five hours. The time period included a delicious and leisurely lunch midway at a sandwich shop that we happened onto. I can't do much other than offer you a little taste here and suggest that you check out the Charleston set on my Flickr Account for lots more shots of this remarkable city.

Basket Maker at the market

Old graveyards

The famous Dock Street Theatre

Fountains aplenty

Hidden garden recesses around almost every corner

George Washington actually did sleep here.

It is a city of many lovely churches.
If walking in the city is not your cup of tea, what would you say to a sailing tour of the glorious harbor that includes historic Fort Sumter, the WW II aircraft carrier Yorktown, and a bottom up view of the bridge?  A full series of annotated pictures of each of these sites can be accessed on my Flickr site.

Fort Sumter

Take your best shot
More Fort Sumter

Interior Ruins

The Yorktown is docked at Patriot's Point and can be toured.
More Yorktown

We hadn't been on a small sailboat in some forty-five years so our cruise down the river and under the bridge was an exciting treat courtesy of our good friend Captain Tom Kent.

Get aboard you lubbers!

Watch out for the big guys!

Hope this one isn't falling down cause we are going under it.

Going under the Ravenel Bridge

Right under the bridge

Captain Tom even let me drive for a while.   See the whole sail by clicking here.

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