Friday, April 29, 2011

Nothing Like the Queen Creek Olive Mill in Arizona

Not very far out of Phoenix/Mesa is a lovely little eatery/tourist attraction that will please you no end in my judgement.  Take yourself to the Queen Creek Olive Mill and spend a pleasant few hours.  First off there is a tour of the only working olive farm in Arizona.  This includes an informative lecture on growing olive trees and the actual making and pressing of the oil.

You will also get a chance to taste some of the various oils.  If you are lucky you may actually be there on a day when they are actually pressing.   

After you are finished with the tour you will definitely want to have a scrumptious and reasonably priced lunch in the restaurant.  Lots of great choices and don't forget to sample their local draft beer.

 Seating is both indoors and outdoors under a ramada or at a picnic table amidst a small grobe of olive trees.

And then there is the store.  It is packed with delicacies and sauces and breads and pastas and I guarantee that you will leave with something.  We stocked up on pastas as they travel well and need no special handling, but the varied sauces and oils are also appealing.  If you are at all into cooking, don't forget to pick up some of the great recipes that are scattered around the store in little card boxes. Everybody had a great time here, including my wife and good friend Sue.


Five stars for this little known attraction that deserves more attention. For more information including directions and opening hours go to their web site at 

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