Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Musing on the Altar of Misguided Absolutism

Picked up a book called  "Despite the System: Orson Welles versus the Holywood Studios" by Clinton Heylin at a recent library leftover sale.  Ran across this idea in a letter from Mr. Welles to the RKO studio head while he was in the process of trying to sell the screenplay of CITIZEN KANE to him.

Welles called John Foster Kane a man who had the "enraged conviction that noone exists but himself . . . . "  This stance means he refuses to admit the existence of other people with whom he must compromise, that they may have feelings that should be considered, and that those people may have an ability to do damage to both you and your ideas.

Might this be a problem for many of our political figures on the far right and far left who find it impossible to accept anything less than 100% of their goals?

Sometimes even part of a loaf can keep you from starving until the opportunity for another meal comes along.  

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