Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kicking back at the Royal Haciendas near Cancun

When we were not exploring the natural beauty of Sian Ka'an or the astounding architecture of the ancient Mayan cities of Tulum or Coba, we were kicking back in style at the Royal Haciendas just outside of Playa del Carmen. Checking  in gave some hint of pleasures to come, but

the view each morning from our balcony clinched the deal.

From there on it was just one tough decision after another.

Do you hit the pool?


The truly "wet" bar?

Or the beach?

We leaned toward the beach as there was a bit more shade

But you could always go for a walk down there.

 and you might even meet one of the locals.

Talk about local wildlife, how about letting your baby pet an Iguana?

Thanks but no thanks.

Of course there are real honest to goodness locals.  This one was our lifeguard and he took his job very seriously. 

Other activities can range from historic Mayan reconstructions in the sand to

out and out up and away para-sailing. 

If you get too exhausted  there is always a hammock or two or three or . . . . . . .
to escape to.

Finally at the end of the day there are quiet shadows and thoughts of taking the shuttle into Playa del Carmen for another delicious dinner.

 Bon Appetit and Sweet Dreams   The final installment will be food.

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