Friday, May 18, 2012

Phoenix and the Museum of Musical Instruments

By the time you get to Phoenix you are usually thinking of sun, sand, and cacti, but there is another Phoenix that offers up some marvelous museums.  One of the newest is the Musical Instrument Museum.  It is housed in an impressive new building

and contains a series of sparkling galleries in additon to a performance space and the recquisite cafeteria and souvenir shop.

The exhibits are top drawer and technologically superb.  Each country represented has a display of indigenous instruments.  There are also sound/video clips of performance on screens that are activated as you approach the area.

 Coverage is worldwide and inludes all styles from classical to  pop and all time periods from the primitive to rock and roll.  

See more at their web site

We found it fascinating though like most museums it needs to be paced.  See a bit, break for lunch, go back more more, take anohter rest, etc.   Sitting places are limited.

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