Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Sights of Central Helsinki

On to Helsinki!  Finland's capital city contains not much more than half a million people and it is a most manageable and accessible city.  It has an always scenic harbor

 great transportation via bus, subway, and glorious trams that glide along smoothly over much of the central city.

 oodles of restaurants offering native and every conceivable international cuisine,  museums galore,  concerts aplenty,  and world class design.

Any short visit must start with the Lutheran Cathedral.


The cathedral makes a fine sight from many places in the city.  The exterior may appear a bit grand, but the interior is all Scandinavian simplicity.

For a special treat visit the cafe and art gallery recently opened in the crypt.

If you stand on the cathedral steps all of the Senate Square unfolds before you


 Most of the rest of the central city is nearby.  You can promenade or enjoy a snack on the Esplanade.

You can shop at a great department store called Stockman.

There are at least a dozen museums within central city walking distance and some of art is right out in full view, such as the statues that adorn the Art Deco central railroad station.

If more ebullient decor is your cup of tea, you can try the Uspensky Russian Orthodox Cathedral

You are never far from music in Helsinki.  There is a full throated modern rock and club scene as well as a classical bent that is dominated by the music of native son,  Jean Sibelius.  A pilgrimedge of necessity is a visit to Sibelius Park to view the organ pipe melange designed by modern sculptor Eila Hiltunen.


Next up will be Helsinki's great green spaces.

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