Sunday, December 02, 2012

St. Peter Line back to Helsinki from St. Petersburg


Our two days in St. Petersburg, without the necessity of a Russian Visa, was just enough to make us eager to return and sample some more of this shining city on the sea.   But mid-afternoon arrived and we boarded the St. Peter shuttle back to the dock.

We were early and the lines in the ticket hall were miniscule.  

Shortly we were back on board the Princess Maria and escounced in our cosy stateroom.

It was a lovely day and we strolled the ship,

listened to some entertainment,

and waited for departure and of course the dinner bell to ring.

Our trip out of the harbor saw us passing once again pier after pier full of goods (some raw and some refined) coming from and going to all parts of the world. 


Occasionally we could catch glimpses on the skyline of the Baroque city we had just left.  You have to look a bit to see the golden dome.

A long lens does a better job.

And then the channel widens and the land recedes.  

Late afternoon on the glass smooth Baltic edged into twilight and another splendid sunset.

When we woke up the next morning we were making our way into Helsinki harbor with an uncannily balanced one legged gull giving docking direction from the rail.

So in sum we highly recommend the St. Peter Line service.
Our trip was was smooth, the price was right, and the quality both on board and on shore was high.
Next is a trip on the not so smooth Baltic to Tallin, Estonia.













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