Monday, February 03, 2014

Mata Ortiz Pottery Firing Demo at Western Park Store

I swear you could live at the Western Parks store.  Every week brings a cornucopia of fascinating programs.  Last Saturday was no exception.  We visited to take a look at the lovely Mata Ortiz pottery sales event that was progressing in the auditorium. 

We then discovered that a demonstration firing was going on in the back yard.

A completed unfired pot was warming in the park store's kitchen oven.  The ready to fire pot was placed on a small metal stand in the center of a little fire circle that had been previously burned in order to warm the area. Note its color.  It appears to be a muddy undecorated black.

 A larger terra cotta vessel was then lowered over the pot. 

Several pieces of cottonwood bark were than arranged around the larger vessel and tied with a wire.

 This little pyre was then  ignited.

After about 45 minutes the ashes were raked away.

 and the large covering vessel was raised.


 Lo and behold  a fully fired and colorful Mata Ortiz pot was revealed in all its glory.

One lucky attendee purchased this newly minted artistic creation for $250.00 
Here's hoping they have a similar photo recording of the miracle process itself.   










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