Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sabino Canyon Stroll

We have visited Sabino Canyon a number of times during the last ten years. It is always a pleasure.  We arrived around 10:30 last week.  It was a cloudy late winter day. The light was soft and diffuse producing photo images with minimal contrast but still interesting. 

The drill at Sabino, in case you have not been there, is planned to be great for families with kids and seniors.  A shuttle runs up and down a 3.7 mile road approximately every half hour. 

There are nine stops along the way.  You can ride both directions into and out of the canyon or you can get out at any of the stops and walk.

 You can re-board the shuttle at any stop and ride back down to the visitor center.  The most often used option is to ride to the top and then walk back all the way or as far as you wish.  Enthusiasts can of course run both directions.

There weren't many flowers blooming yet, but we did catch this one.

Otherwise it is the rock formations and the occasional areas where some water remains in the stream.

 Some green still appears against the gray canyon walls.



Parking is $5.00 for day visitors.  The shuttle is currently $8.00 for adults.   There are lots of special rates and passes for frequent visitors.


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