Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On the Danube from Melk to Passau

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 

Leaving Melk behind, we were almost immediately into another set of locks.  I'll give you a few shots for a daylight look at this process. 

As usual traffic seems to be heavy enough to make sure that you share the lock with another ship. 
Here we are snuggling up to the one already inside.

Once both ships are in, the lock doors swing shut and water will be pumped in to raise us.

While that goes on even the crew can chat with the captain next store. 

When all is said and done the doors open and we sail out into the next basin.

At each bend in the river small towns with picturesque churches pop up along the water's edge. 

Or sometimes your eye will sweep upward toward a hill where especially under a cloudy sky the view will be riveting.

The striking 17th century Church of Maria Taferl in Marbach

Churches are not the only buildings that capture your interest.   Neat as a pin houses also line the banks.

Finally another sweeping bend brings us to the town of Passau. This glorious town will be the subject of the next entry.

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