Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sabino Canyon Strolls

With the rain down low and snow in the mountains,

Sabino Creek has been running full this past week.  Even the trams were canceled or abridged for a while because of water running too high over the bridges.

In any case we are walkers and trying to stroll daily in the canyon to build up my wife's stamina after her recent illness.  The other day we celebrated her goal of managing to make it all the way to the Bear Canyon Road Picnic Overlook where you can see a  further goal of reaching the dam. 

On the way back we saw our first patch of Ocotillo that had some buds starting. Spring is beginning in the dessert.

 A few days later we made it to the Bear Canyon Road Bridge.

Although the water was shallow enough to allow the Bear Canyon shuttle to proceed, walkers have to make other arrangements. Some intrepids dispensed with shoes and socks and simply slogged through the icy waters.

 We also saw a  fully prepared professional pull a pair of black garbage bags out of his pack and make the journey high and dry.

Nothing like a little trail smarts. 
Look for further entries devoted to flora and fauna and maybe even bubbles.  See ya!






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