Saturday, January 21, 2017

Some Tucson Days

The warmth of the last couple of weeks has deserted us, but the cloudiness and precipitation has made each day different as we gaze out the living room window. The mornings with clouds have given us some deliciously streaky starts to the day.

Clearing brings blue skies with

just a nice little pink

And the showers often come with a rainbow

Most of the time we see this, but
last night we had more rain and lots of snow in the higher elevations. This was definitely a new look and we have not seen this much snow up there in some time.

With snow in the mountains runoff increases in the warmer valleys and when we headed out to Sabino Canyon around 2:00 PM on Saturday for a bit of a walk, we found a low section of Snyder Ave had become a running stream.  

Off course there are always the idiots in SUV's who ignore the signs.

Our daily  excursions to Sabino Canyon have not given up a lot of wildlife yet, but we are working on it.  Here are a male and female phainopepla.   The male is pretty much all coal black while the female is gray with some white wing markings.

Cactus wrens are also pretty numerous. Usually up top on Saguaros, but also on the ground.


When walking the paths you must also be careful to avoid the deadly wood snake.

No fear of a bite, just a trip up if you are not careful.

And it is your lucky day if you pass by a rare crested saguaro.



 Time to snuggle in now with a good book for the evening. 






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