Sunday, March 12, 2017

Good morning at Sabino Canyon

We opened our day with another spectacular sunrise at our condo.

With breakfast stowed, we set out for Sabino Canyon. It was sort of quiet at first with just some fiddlenecks to look at.

The birds also seemed to be taking the day off,    but finally we saw a nice cardinal in the distance. 

Then our luck changed. We had reached the Bear Canyon Road on the Esperero Trail and turned back on the road trail when a herd of Javelinas started marching across about 70 yards in front of us. It was our first javelina sighting of the year. I wish the pics were a bit better, but they did not stop to pose. 


  Bye Bye big fellow


We started walking again and then saw a female peeking out of the brush.  We stopped, I took a quick photo and she backed off and turned further into the foliage followed by a young one. 

   A little further along some unidentified high flyers were holding my attention when Jan pointed out  a tree full of Cedar Waxwings who were more cooperative in sitting still.
They are indeed pretty birds.


To top things off we stopped to admire one of the  few early blooming Saguaros. 

My sharp eyed spouse then said that there were hummingbirds hovering.  And sure enough it was nectar time.


It was a perfect end to the walk.


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