Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some London Faces

A Pearly King was out raising money for Christmas Charities

One of the new female Yeoman Warders was greeting folks at the Tower of London

I'm not sure a "no face" belongs in series of faces, but someone was under there somewhere and they were shilling for shillings on the South Bank.

This young man is driving a computerized mockup of a tube train at the London Transport Museum. In talking to him we discovered that he was a real tube train driver. He said to me, "That's daft for you. I drive one of these things six days a week, and here I am on my day off."

The woman above was selling scarves and cloth in a stall at the market in the churchyard of St. James Picadilly.

On Sundays the faces belong to the soap box orators at Speakers Corner near Marble Arch.

The Covent Garden Market is full of street entertainers like this juggler and unicycle rider. They never fail to captivate the kids.

This one is a honey.

I thought this young lady looked a bit like a young Hermione from the Harry Potter films.

And if this one doesn't strike a chord as a Harry, nobody does. Here's to the rosy cheeks of a London November. Cheers!

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