Friday, October 17, 2008

Washington Post and Chicago Tribune Support Obama

I vacillate in these entries between political and artistic comments. My tone, admittedly, leans toward the "liberal" end of the spectrum, but without giving credence to the hostility laced rantings of either the far right or far left. In the Washington Post Obama endorsement I do see a rationally argued and fair minded attempt to make a pick among two capable candidates--both of whom are human and have shortcomings. The same can be said of the Tribune endorsement.
Both papers, one of whom has never supported a democratic candidate for the presidency, seem to find that a deciding argument rests in McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate. It is the only real decision that a candidate makes before an election that you are 100% sure will be with you after the election. I have not seen a single comment anywhere that says that Joe Biden could not step into the job if necessity called. With a major economic crisis in process, with the complexities of international affairs, with the responsibilities of a commander in chief, and with the dangerous fractures in our social and cultural milieu, it is inconceivable for anyone to ask that the country take the chance that the next in line is someone who is so manifestly unready in so many key areas as Sarah Palin. And when it is a seventy-two year old man who is making that decision, it also seems clear that he is not thinking of his country first.

Read the Post endorsement here.
Read the Tribune endorsement here.

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