Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Corcovado National Park (Drake Bay)

We are now almost to the Panamanian border on the Osa peninsula. We landed on a sandy beach with some rocky outcroppings on either side. Drake Bay curved around and was rimmed by rolling blue tinted hills.

From the beach we took a hike into the jungle. At points along the way we saw Toucans, Trogans, Mangrove Hawks, a Yellow Naped Woodpecker, a Caracara, some Falcons, a Tropical Flycatcher, and a Striped Heron fishing serenely in a stream. There were also spider and the white faced Capuchin monkeys. Our naturalists were uncanny in spotting birds and then focusing their spotting scopes on them so we could see. I was less successful, even with my 300 mm lens, catching them. The undergrowth is heavy and seeing a tiny bird and managing to photograph him while walking along a jungle path are two different things. I was more successful with the monkeys.

Although the yellow naped woodpecker and the striped heron were exceptions.

Down a path along the shore we came upon the government school. Nothing fancy as you can see, but it gets the job done. Children from smaller villages who wish to go beyond elementary school have board in larger towns.

Some of the plants are extraordinary as well. Below is a walking palm.

Our lunch was a great picnic brought in from the boat and you might better call it a dinner with BBQ'd ribs, chicken, tilapia and a full complement of fruit and salads. In the afternoon some folks took another hike while many just took in the beach. Had another swim and have found that your mustache tastes like salt for some time after you emerge.

Back on board we had another nice dinner, a nature program, and another spectacular sunset.

Slept like a baby as the ship purred along to our next port of call.

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