Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snorkel Time on Granito de Oro

We woke up on Sun. Jan. 11th to see a land mass to starboard, some hummocks to port, and on our stern a tiny patch of land with a pleasing sandy beach, a ring of trees, and some jagged, dark black, clearly volcanic rocks. If ever there was a Gilligan's Island it was there. Our zodiacs descended like lemmings and soon we were picking our way through the hermit crabs that seemed to think they owned the beach and worked our way toward the shade of the trees.

We donned our snorkeling gear and then set out to enjoy the coral, an old wreck, and plenty of multicolored and multisized fish. Thanks to Kiana we even had a few pictures available from her underwater camera.

When the snorkeling finished we had a chance to paddle a kayak around the island and to enjoy the birds.

We returned to the ship for lunch and shortly got underway for the long cruise to Darien. The afternoon was broken up by a chance to visit the bridge and some nice rest and reading time.

We were warned that we would be in open water tonight and that it might get a little rough.
Around midnight I woke up as we started to pitch and roll. The ceiling was groaning, the cupboards vibrating, and some of the dresser drawers were opening and closing all by their little selves. Wow! Not much sleeping until things calmed down about 3:30 AM. And no pictures I'm afraid.

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