Thursday, February 26, 2009

On to the Saladero Lodge for an Afternoon Hike

More of those yellow flowering trees pepper the shore.

A brightly colored toucan or parrot was high above.

Giant trees with great buttresses were common along the way.

A wild turkey followed us around for a while.

The sunsets continue to dazzle


Harvey said...

Visitors can stay at Saladero Lodge. Just visit

DramaJim said...

I am not in the business of making commercial endorsements, but have no objection to forwarding information. We visited as part of a cruise and did not stay overnite. I can just repeat that our visit was delightful and I note that a number of theitems I commented on in my blog entry were exactly those mentioned on the web site. (And I did not know about the web site until Harvey pointed me to it. So make of it what you will.