Sunday, August 21, 2011

Alaska: We Saw It! Gimpse of Denali on Train Ride to Anchorage

All Aboard!

We got back on the Alaska RR train at McKinley Park around noon on Friday, July 15th for the five hour run to Anchorage.


It was almost like seeing "Big Foot."  About an hour or so out of McKinley Park we caught a glimpse of Denali. It was not visible for long and it was way out there in the distance, but I did get a couple of shots.  Even at 70 miles away, it still looks big and white and overpowering as it rises 20,000 feet to the highest point in North America. 

Look sharp.  It's almost like an extension of the clouds.  With the telephoto in place you can suddenly see it in and up and over those clouds. It ain't much but for hand holding a 300mm lens while riding in a moving train, I'll take it. 

The rest of the journey to Anchorage was probably a bit anti-climactic, but Alaska really doesn't stop being beautiful just because you saw one big mother of a mountain.  We completed the day in the magnificent dome cars of the Alaska RR and each bend continued to reveal new delights.  

Steve, our Holland America guide, kept us up to the minute on the sights

Thirst was never an issue either

And before we knew it we were gliding down the Knik Arm and the Cook Inlet into Anchorage

From our hotel room that evening I pointed the camera back toward the Alaska Range and reminded myself that back there in the clouds somewhere was Denali and that you really could see it from here on a clear day.

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