Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alaska: A Final Day on the Zaandam as We Journey Toward Vancouver

Our two weeks of lovely weather in Alaska finally deserted us on Saturday, July 23rd.  We were in more open water in the Hecate Strait on the way down to Vancouver and it was windier and spitting rain most of the day.  Whitecaps were visible and we saw seasick patches sprouting on several arms in the dining room at lunch. I know I dropped a dramamine just to be on the safe side.  On the other hand It was a good day to get the disembarkation talk, pack, and start the farewell rounds. 

Thank goodness we had reached calmer waters by dinner time, so all hands could enjoy the special treats both on and around the tables.

Our waiters did a smart parade while spinning plates.

They followed that with some nimble pepper juggling.

And of course the food continued to be excellent as well.

We had ample time for a final turn around the deck after dinner and once again the sunset did not disappoint.

The highlight list from our Alaskan Road Scholar Journey is getting crowded, but I think we will have to add the Inside Passage on the way to Vancouver.

We will pick this up in Canada tomorrow morning.

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