Saturday, August 16, 2014

On To Helsinki Once More!

If you are susceptible to nocturnal deprivation, Helsinki in the summer is not for you. Even with the generally available room darkening shades, it can still be disorienting to hit the sack with the sun still well above the horizon.  Twenty hours of daylight just seems to force everyone into a frenzy of outdoor activity before the reverse season arrives and drives them indoors to their warm and cosy hearths.    

This was our third summer visit to the city in as many years and as yet we have not considered a  January visit.  Somehow Tucson still looks better in the winter. You may of course ask why we have been heading to Helsinki so frequently at all.  The answer is a son, a wife, and a beautiful granddaughter who now live there. You shall meet them anon, but before I deal with that part of the visit, let me give you a quick recap of tourist scene.

I can report that the Lutheran Cathedral in Senate Square still gleams.

and the harbor market still can't be beat for souvenir items and lots of delicious and reasonably priced fruits, veggies, and grilled salmon--generally served by bright eyed good natured young people with impeccable English. 

Something new this year down at the market was a Ferris Wheel. Not nearly as large as the London Eye, but still offering a chance for a different view of the waterfront and harbor. 

Strolling up away from the harbor on the Esplanade is still a treat.

There are plenty of opportunities to sit in the sun and to enjoy entertainment. On the day we were there a poet was reciting in-between some music sets.   

The Art Nouveau railroad station of Elieu Saarinen is still under restoration wrap, but Emil Wikstrom's  pair of lantern lit giants are back in place fully restored at the main entrance.  



 The birds look quite healthy
 and the beer is plentiful and cold.

 My next entry will re-introduce our Finnish family and the enjoyments of a real Finnish wedding.

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