Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our family in Helsinki

Three years ago our son married a lovely Finnish woman. Two years ago they had a beautiful little girl and our lives have not been the same since. We saw our granddaughter when she was only weeks old when they visited the USA, and then when she was one year old in Helsinki.  This summer she was almost two and I took an awful lot of pictures of the cutest little pumpkin on either side of the Atlantic.

No need to comment further.
She is a kitchen helper
She knows where the camera is 

She likes to have grandpa read stories in English

She loves to blow bubbles

She eats at the table with the big people. That's me with my son David on the left. My son's sister, her husband, and their family are in the back.

She loves corn on the cob

She can stand sort of on her head

She gets a kick out of the slide in the back yard
Ms. Cool with her Mama

 Ms. Cool takes a walk with Dad and Grandma

Ms. Cool loses her shades  for gardening.

Grandma dons the shades and takes our pumpkin for a stroll in the park

I am pretty oh so pretty!
 I rest my case.  




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