Monday, November 10, 2014

Berlin and the Wall Summer of 1963

With news of the 25th Anniversary of the dismantling of the Berlin Wall going the rounds, it might also be instructive to share some photos of Berlin in 1963 shortly after the wall was constructed.  It was our first trip to Europe and just getting to the city was a trial and a half.  We took a train through the eastern sector and the machine gun armed and generally surly passport controllers quickly sent the message that we were none too welcome.

The photos have deteriorated over the years, but they do show you how the wall did look some fifty years ago.   

Famous Brandenburg Gate  

Checkpoint Charlie where you entered the East

Another Checkpoint mainly for pedestrians.

East Berlin street dead ends, wall and the West beyond. 

Another view of wall from East Berlin looking to west. 

East Berlin kids playing with wall and West Berlin in background
East Berlin Street empty and colorless

Back to West Berlin with cars and people

 Which do you prefer?

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