Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cloudy today with no meatballs

Spring brings a new brighter look to the old "Pudding Blog" and though the day is cloudy there is a feeling that the darkness of the past year is passing.  As a signal I will try to write in this blog more frequently.  There is more to catch up on from our Danube cruise late last summer,  from the growth of our two lovely granddaughters, and from the busy days that seem to fill even though our schedule is far less crowded with Jan's medical appointments.

Our little garden has been planted and looks considerably more professional due to the efforts of our lovely neighbors Kirk and Marie.  We have contracted to get the homestead painted this summer and to do some needed minor repairs to its 110 year old fabric.

No trips scheduled firmly yet, but the thought is there just waiting for commitment.  Lots of places still to go. The bucket just seems to have a permanent hole in it. You cross things off but new things run in to fill it up again. 

Join the crowd to celebrate the re-opening of the Warren County History Museum on Sunday, May 1st from 1-4 in the afternoon.  You can meet our new Pattee Executive Director.

Here he is.  That's Kellen Hinrichsen, newly appointed Pattee Executive Director of the Warren County Historical Society and Museum posing with an advertisement for the Pattee Tongueless Cultivator, one of the patented farm implements that helped make the Pattee fortune, put Warren County on the map, and made it possible for us to hire our first employee.
You can also renew or obtain your 2016 membership,  and enjoy some complimentary refreshments.

 Below are two pictures from our Christmas Open House.


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