Thursday, June 23, 2016

Danube Riverside Memorial to Hungarian Jews

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I could have included this short item in one of the previous entries, but thought it deserved a spot of its own.  The Danube Embankment in Budapest provides one of the most beautiful strolls in all of Europe, but it can also stop you in your tracks. You are walking along on a perfect June afternoon enjoying life and the views of old Buda across the way when you happen unexpectedly  upon a line of bronze shoes sitting quietly in the sunlight.

What is going on?   It is a poignant reminder of past horror. Hungarian Jews suffered mightily during  WWII's Nazi Occupation.  Over 500,000 of them were worked to death or cold bloodedly murdered during Hitler's rule.  Here marks the spot where over 60 Jews were led to the river's edge on a cold January day, forced to remove their shoes,  and then pushed into the icy water to their death. 

No more need be said.  


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