Sunday, October 16, 2005

OFTA, Pinter, Britain, Nudes, and Golf

OFTA(Old Farts Talk Arts) at the Buchanan Center for the Arts last week sparkled with a pleasant lecture cum demonstration of Latin Dance forms by new Kirkwood resident Ignacio Anguiano-Reynes and wife. The accompanying picture shows the couple in one of their twirls. The goodies were tasty as well thanks to Liz Neiman. For more on Buchanan check Dance on Ignacio!

The British playwright Harold Pinter received the Nobel Prize for Literature last week, becoming I believe only the third playwright to be so honored (George Bernard Shaw, and Eugene O'Neill are the only others to come to mind.) Please advise if I am in error. Pinter has long been a favorite of mine having directed The Birthday Party and The Hothouse and having seen, read, and taught a fair amount of his work over the years. Though some have carped that his selection was "political" for his high profile negative views on the US involvement in Iraq, I would prefer to believe that the honor is more than deserved after a continuously profound and inventive creative life of almost fifty years. Go Harold!

Britain news: MI5, whose very existence was denied up to a few years ago, has opened an official web site and the new James Bond actor was announced by a phalanx of Royal Marine assault boats speeding up the Thames. Media, entertainment, and government all one and the same nowadays.

The statue of a handicapped nude pregnant woman sits for the next 18 months on the once empty fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. Comments have covered the gamut from fervid praise to outrage, which leads me to believe that it is a successful work of art.

Monmouth's Gibson Woods golf course is starting to show off its fall splendor. Using the new senior tees has granted me two to three strokes per nine. Initially it made me feel like a bit of a cheater after years of trying to keep up from the big boys tees, but a new infusion of self esteem quickly erased any pangs of guilt. Go Jim!

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