Sunday, May 21, 2006

Books and Bits

The fight to save the Theatre Museum in London has been partially successful. THE STAGE reports a stay of execution for a time while various interests, including the Royal Opera House, talk about potential solutions. We wish them well.

Have polished off a couple more books this week. THIS JUST IN by Bob Schieffer, the CBS newsman was a little twenty five cent purchase from the Warren County Library and is a pleasant trip through the last 30 years of CBS. Schieffer has never been a major player like Dan or Walter, but he has been a solid and reliable presence. The book is much the same. It is solid, pleasant, unasuming, occasionally droll and offers ultimately nothing much new. Good light history.

The other book was a bit heavier. Monmouth College's former president Bruce Haywood has written a commentary on the state of American liberal arts education titled, THE ESSENTIAL COLLEGE. It essentially chronicles his career at Kenyon College prior to his assuming the presidency of Monmouth in 1980, but the reach is far more extensive and does make a compelling case against some of the more outrageous excesses of the Viet Nam era and of their resultant impact on modern educational institutions.

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