Sunday, July 23, 2006

Back from a bit of a trip

We traversed the roadways of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin in the past week. We stayed in an old log cabin in McGregor, IA last weekend, visited Spook Cave, and sweltered in the head when out of doors and not in the cave or cabin.

Then to Minneapolis for a visit with son David and cousin Lin. Nice golf, nice food, nice conversation.

On to Wisconsin and a few days with the Waltershausens on their farm. More good talk and even greater food. A rolled pork with pine nuts was gorgeous at Dissacio's in Coon Valley.

After a quick stop in Lancaster WI on the way home, we pulled back into Monmouth on Sat. afternoon. Pasted to the mirror in Pat's bathroom.

Good morning,
This is God. I'll take care of things for you today.
You do not need to help.

Hmmm! I wonder.

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