Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Wedding of Note

December 19th is a pretty cool day. It marks the latest day we have still had a fresh tomato from our garden. It was a bit wizened but still tasted better than the red croquet balls being offered at Econo Foods. But the best part of the 19th is that forty seven years ago on this day my wife and I were married. You want to talk about sympatico. We began the morning by discovering that we had bought each other the very same card. Luckily we hadn't bought each other the same gifts. An afternoon at the Smith Creek Pottery a week ago had produced a magnificent bowl for Jan and a lovely little olive oil jar for me. The day was spent baking and frosting Christmas cookies, then to the college library Christmas Party, and then home to make some more cookies. The mind meld continued on into the afternoon when Jan said she'd like a Cape Codder for our pre-dinner drink. I had been thinking the very same thing and had even put a jug of cranberry juice in the refrigerator earlier in the day. Spooooooky! There are an awful lot of bad things in this world, but our marriage is not one of them. We wish you as much joy as we have known and of course Peace!

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