Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mississippi River Journey Part 6--Monmouth to Monmouth in Natchez

Welcome to the Monmouth Plantation y'all!

Strange as it was that Vicksburg was located in Warren County, it was even stranger to see a sign advertising the Monmouth Plantation in Natchez, MS. So being a long time resident of Monmouth in Warren County in Illinois, we could not ignore the temptation to see what a Monmouth Plantation might be like in Mississippi.

It turns out that the original builder of the house did come from Monmouth County in New Jersey--the same area that the original settlers of our town came from. After that there would appear to be no similarity. The Monmouth Plantation is now a pricey bed and breakfast surrounded by lush green grounds and gardens that would make Capability Brown drool. A gracious Southern lady gave us our tour of the house and then set us loose to stroll the grounds unhampered for as long as we desired.

Someday it might be fun to return and stay for a night. Perhaps if we start saving now we could afford it sometime next year.

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